Pedicure Spa

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Sit back relax and be pamper from sole to soul, with a heated neck wrap and a glass of wine or hot tea.

L ‘Express Pedicure – $22.00

L ‘Express Pedicure

This Express Pedicure Includes a quick nail shaping, light cuticle care, light heel buff, and concludes with your choice of polish or buff.

L’ Essential Pedicure – $30.00

L’ Essential Pedicure

Using Asian, African Wisdom, and Essential pedicure will give your feet, a boost with a calming essence of lavender, Using a Shea-butter, Malawi sugar and organic oil to massage feet, and finishes with a hot towel.

L’ Eco-Waterless Pedicure – $30.00

L’ Eco-Waterless Pedicure

This waterless pedicure is not only a clean alternative, but it also helps save 8-10 gallons of water per day.

L’Exotic Pedicure – $40.00

L’Exotic Pedicure

Our lavish service starts with a ritual cleansing of coconut milk, followed by an exfoliation of pure cane sugar infused with essential oils, while you’re floating in paradise, your legs are massaged with a warm body butter. Finally an Eco-Fin treatment paraffin (alternative), mask and a hot towel. This exotic pedicure is recommended for tired feet.

L’Missy Pedicure – $15.00

L’Missy Pedicure

Pamper your little girls with Missy pedicure. It is specifically tailored, for their young skin, with a selection of tiny “me” polishes. (12 and under)

Mom to Be Pedicure – $35.00

Mom to Be Pedicure

For moms to be our LUSH service tailored for expectant mothers’ needs, with all natural pregnancy – safe and extra friendly massage that eases especially tired feet


Therapeutic Foot Massage – $45.00

for 45 minutes with cold stone

Have the potential to do more than just relax


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