3-2-1 Fantastic Facial Kit

Available for a limited time: the 3-2-1 Fantastic Facial Kit | One Love Organics

We wanna show you some LOVE this month with an exclusive kit that is not only an incredible value ($35!), but is also full of lovely skin benefits! Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones how much you care, but don’t forget to love yourself, too!

We’ve made self care simple with our 3-2-1 Fantastic Facial Kit! This kit is designed to streamline your beauty routine by providing you with a simple routine that leaves you with a radiant, natural glow.  To get started, pour 1/2 teaspoon Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque into your hand or a small bowl, add a bit of warm water and mix until a paste is formed. Massage onto damp skin using gentle, circular motions.  Rinse with warm water. Available for a limited time: the 3-2-1 Fantastic Facial Kit | One Love Organics

Follow that by mixing 1/2 teaspoon Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque with equal parts organic, raw honey and/or fresh, plain Greek yogurt. Honey creates a hydrating masque, while yogurt will create a masque that is clarifying. Combining both yogurt and honey gives you both of these benefits.

Apply the masque of your choice to clean, damp skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Finish the ritual by massaging a liberal amount of Skin Savior Balm into skin, and then apply a warm, damp cloth over your face. Cover the damp cloth with a dry hand towel and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off excess balm with the warm, damp towel. If needed, rinse the cloth and wipe again using the clean side of the cloth.

The 3-2-1 Facial Kit is a steal at only $35.00. It comes with a Travel Size Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque, a Travel Size Skin Savior Wonder Balm and our cotton LOVE bag. If used as directed, this kit will last you 6-8 facials. It is available while supplies last (we suggest grabbing one sooner rather than later)!

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